Art Portfolio Program

(for Colleges and Universities)

Art Portfolio is a representative collection  of student’s art works and plays a very important role in the college/university admission review process and helps the students to prepare for the admission process.

It is highly recommended that the student has completed the art course and has good understanding of value, composition, drawing and painting. The student has to start the art portfolio couple of years ahead of submitting the art portfolio to the colleges or universities.

Art portfolio is an artistic supplement to the student’s application review process.

Ivy League schools and colleges are increasingly expecting artistic supplement as it helps to identify the skills, talent, creative level, abilities and potential of the student. It also provides an insight about student’s interests, background, discipline and patience levels.

Students are recognized and benefited only if the artworks submitted are of good quality, creative and original. Therefore studying under a qualified, experienced and skilled instructor is necessary.

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