Lakshmis Art Workshop is an award winning art school offers a variety of art classes for all ages and many levels of creativity . Enjoyable and very interesting , the art workshop combines subjects of interest to students, fine art techniques, art concepts they need to learn and drawing,  painting, pencil shading, charcoal sketching, pastels art, oil pastels, Ink sketches, Acrylic painting, Oil painting, clay art, collage making, mixed media and Art history. Students are taught by experienced faculty, whose expertise comes from years of professional experience and academic learning.

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Our Approach

Emphasis is on learning , creativity,  art  making process  and very  free  expression of ideas. Our aim is to encourage and build confidence, while seeking the intrinsic value of the art making process and product. Students are encouraged to create original art works.

Students are encouraged to see and observe before they learn to draw and paint.

Individualized instruction in a group setting to maximize learning.

Creating Art for a Good Cause – Students are offered opportunities to participate in
Art shows and Art show Fundraisers for non-profit organizations.

Certification given to Students for the Art Course and Art Show Fundraisers.

Students are offered opportunities in Plein –air painting workshops, One day workshops and Art contests.